Welcome to the MTRS News, the replacement of The Advisor newsletter, which we’ve published in various formats for the past 40 years. As modern media evolves rapidly, we want to focus on providing more timely and up-to-date information; thus, we have decided to retire The Advisor in favor of this new online MTRS News feature.

A long history

The first edition of The Advisor was published in 1985, as the then-named MTRB expanded its educational services for members and retirees. This first issue highlighted TRB’s staff and its board members, information about future educational services, and introduced the then-new executive director. The MTRB Advisor would continue publication until 1989 when budget cuts and staff shortages led to an eight-year hiatus. In the fall of 1997, The Advisor returned to publication with an inaugural edition chockfull of educational materials and pension system reports. The Advisor would continue in this format for the next 23 years, eventually branching into separate versions for our active members and retirees. Staying true to its roots, The Advisor has continued to be an essential vehicle for updating members on all news related to the ‘TRS, including changes to retirement law, COLA updates and ongoing agency initiatives and projects.

The rise of digital

For the past eight years, we have only mailed printed versions of The Advisor to approximately 10,000 retirees for whom we do not have a valid email address. For the remaining 158,000 active and retired members, we have provided The Advisor as a PDF file to open and read online. Since most of our readership receives The Advisor in digital format, we are leveraging our website and converting The Advisor into a news-as-it-happens style blog, enabling us to deliver news to you in a more timely and flexible fashion. Digital news delivery will also reduce physical waste and emissions associated with printing and mailing a paper newsletter.

The MTRS is committed to continuing educational and informational offerings to our members. Although The Advisor will cease, we will continue to mail other critical documents like Annual Statements for active members and the biennial Benefit Verification Form and 1099-R tax forms to retirees.

We will continue to publish important news and updates to our website, so be sure to check this space regularly for all things’ TRS.