Since you are receiving a monthly benefit from the MTRS, look for your:

  • Year-end statement, which the State Treasury sends at the end of December. This statement provides a summary of your benefit payments during 2022 and is simply for your reference. Questions? Please see how to read your check or direct deposit statement.
  • 1099-R tax form and your blue-and-yellow Benefit Verification form, which will arrive in the same envelope by the end of January.
  • For your convenience, the pension payment schedule for 2023 is also included in the mailing. If you do not receive your forms by Wednesday, February 15, 2023, please call our main office at 617-679-6877 to request duplicates. Please be sure to complete and return your original Benefit Verification form, in the pre-addressed envelope that is provided, by Friday, March 24, 2023. Questions? See how to read your 1099-R form and Benefit Verification Process on our website for detailed instructions and a short video overview.

Happy new year, and best wishes in 2023!