Applications must be postmarked by August 29 to have a June 30 retirement date

Are you considering retirement instead of returning to service in the fall? If so, please note that you have 60 days from the date of your separation from service to apply for retirement and have that date also be your effective retirement date. Thus, if you intend to retire effective on June 30, 2022 and wish to receive retroactive benefit payments, your retirement application must be received by the MTRS on or before August 29, 2022*. Otherwise, by law, your retirement will take effect 15 days after the application is received by the MTRS, and your benefits will NOT be retroactive to your date of separation from service.

*Please note: If you cannot have school payroll officials complete Part 2 of your application before August 29, 2022; the MTRS will accept Part 1 of your application, postmarked by August 29, 2022, as a placeholder.

Ready to retire? Check out our online resources and download and complete a retirement application.