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Reminder to members: As described below, there are time and earnings restrictions on re-employment with a Massachusetts public employer. However, there are no restrictions on employment in the private sector, public employment in another state or employment with the federal government.

Reference: PERAC memos, including an interactive earnings calculator

Reporting a retiree's death: As soon as possible after the passing of an MTRS retiree or survivor benefit recipient, a family member or representative should report the person's death by calling our main office at 617-679-6877. We will request that a photocopy of the death certificate be provided to us via fax or …

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The Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS) has proudly served educators since 1914 and as a retiree of our system, your well-being matters greatly to us. Though we will always be here to pay your retirement benefit, we realize that a steady income is just one facet of a successful and secure retirement. With …

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