Dear Retirees,

During this difficult time, I want to let you know that although the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System’s offices are closed to the public, our staff is continuing to work remotely, and onsite as needed, to maintain essential services.

Most importantly, I want to assure you that there will be no delay in your monthly benefit payments.

As I’m sure you know, the spread of COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on global markets; however, the assets of the MTRS are invested for the long term and broadly diversified in order to manage risk and respond to periods of market volatility and uncertainty. Your retirement benefits continue to be secure.

Currently, our offices have limited telephone services. If you do have to call our office, you will hear a menu of subject-specific extensions where you can leave a message at 617-679-6877, or you can reach us by email: Response time may be a bit delayed, but we are working to return calls and emails as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if you need forms or general information, please visit the Retirees page on our website.

Finally, a word about FRAUD: please be aware that scammers are increasing their activities at this time, and they may try to trick you with fake emails and phone calls. For example, they may pretend to be the MTRS, or your bank, or another trusted entity and ask for your personal information via email, or they may call you pretending to be a relative who needs money. Please be wary and exercise extreme caution. Please note that emails from the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System will always come from addresses that end with

Please be safe and continue to visit our website for updated information.

Erika M. Glaster
Executive Director
Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System