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Please note:

  • At this time, these forms cannot be submitted to us electronically (this is to ensure your security and because we need to have your original signature). Once you have completed your form, please print and sign it, then mail it to us at the address noted on the form.
  • If you have any difficulty accessing any of our downloadable forms, please visit our Contact page.
Beneficiary Designation Form--Active and Inactive MembersUse this to name a beneficiary or to change your beneficiary designation. For more information, see also Survivor Benefits
Refund applicationRecommended process: If you leave active teaching service and wish to withdraw your funds, please walk through this step-by-step process. At the end of that process, you'll be able to download the Refund application.
Report of death of MTRS memberSurvivors of active members may use this form to report the death of a MTRS member. For more information, see Survivor benefits for active members

Creditable service purchase application forms

(see also Creditable service)
NOTE: To be eligible to purchase service (except Peace Corps service and refund buybacks), at the time you submit your service purchase application, you must be a member in service with the MTRS. Generally, you are a "member in service" if you are: actively teaching; receiving Workers' Compensation for total incapacity; on a sick leave; or, on an authorized unpaid leave of less than one year.
Substitute, temporary or part-time public school service in Massachusetts
Out-of-state public school teaching service purchase application
Other Massachusetts public service purchase application
Prior refunded service with a Massachusetts contributory retirement system
Nonpublic school/MA publicly-funded service purchase application
Nonpublic school/pre-1973 service purchase application
Chapter 71 military service application
Peace Corps service purchase application
US Department of Defense overseas dependent school service purchase application
Vocational work experience service purchase application
Request for an updated invoice for a prior service purchase
For service purchase payments only (see Purchasing service with a direct transfer or rollover)
Direct Rollover Acknowledgment Form
Trust-to-Trust Transfer Acknowledgment Form
Retirement application forms
Retirement applicationRecommended process: When you’re ready to retire, access our online benefit estimator and review the general retirement process. At the end of that process, you’ll be able to download a retirement application. Be sure to review our Ready for Retirement videos too!
Termination retirement statement and release
Disability retirement applicationIf you should find yourself permanently disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time, please review the process for applying for a disability retirement benefit. For more information, see Retirement overview, factors and worksheet.
Request for creditable service estimateIf you are within two years of retirement or have a complicated employment history and need to know how much creditable service you have to plan your retirement. For more information, see Creditable service FAQs.
Beneficiary Designation Form for Retirees and SurvivorsFor Option A and B retirees and survivor benefit recipients ONLY. Do not use this form if you are an Option C retiree.
Change of Address Form–Retired memberUse this to notify us of a temporary or permanent change in your address
IRS Form W-4P
Form W-4P Instructions
Use this to change your federal tax withholding. For details, visit the IRS' W-4P resource center.
Direct Deposit Authorization FormUse this to receive your payment via direct deposit to your bank account instead of by mailed check, or to change the bank account to which your benefit payment is directly deposited. For more information, see Direct deposit information.
Report of death of MTRS member or benefit recipientSurvivors of benefit recipients may use this form to report the death of a retiree or a person receiving a survivor benefit. For more information, see Report the death of a benefit recipient.
Report of death of Option C beneficiaryUse this form to report the death of an Option C beneficiary. Note: you may not name a new Option C beneficiary; your monthly benefit will "pop up" to the Option A benefit amount that you would have received on the date of your retirement, plus any cost-of-living adjustments.