Emails for instructions with final R+ elections and correct employee contribution rates will come from “MTRS Contribution Rates” – with the subject line MTRS Rate and R+ Confirmation – Jon Doe.

The MTRS has provided certain districts with lists of employees that may need their contribution rates adjusted due to the R+ special election.

Below is an explanation of key columns from a spreadsheet that was sent to your district on Monday, August 7 to take note of. If you have questions about this process, please contact

Important note for possible rate changes:

If the rates between columns G and H do not match, a rate change is likely needed.  In any event, it is important you withhold the correct contribution rate in column G.

  • Column F: If this column contains 5/18/23, we already requested that your district review/change this member’s rate. Please ensure the correct rate in Column G is being withheld.
  • Column G: This is the correct rate based on the member’s election or lack thereof. This is the contribution rate that should be withheld going forward.
  • Column H: This is the latest regular contribution rate that was withheld and reported to the MTRS from the most recent deduction report imported into MyTRS. If your employee is not participating in R+, please ensure to withhold the additional 2% contribution on earnings over $30,000 if “+2” is listed in column G.
  • Column I: This is the pay date of the latest contribution rate withheld from column H.

If there are people on the list that are no longer employed in your district, please update their employment events in MyTRS.