Need proof of your benefit income?
Call us at 617-679-6877 to request a Pension Verification Letter.

During your retirement, you may need to provide verification of your MTRS benefit amount to a third party, for example, when applying for a loan, a rent or mortgage rebate, or nursing home or public housing. If you are requesting verification for Social Security purposes, please be sure to tell the MTRS representative this, as we will need to include additional information in your letter.

Your letter will state your:

  • Initial benefit effective date
  • Gross monthly benefit amount
  • Monthly deductions, if any
  • Net monthly benefit amount


  • If the business or agency you are working with requires verification of your benefit on their specific form rather than a letter from the MTRS, please fax their form to our Contact Center, at 617-679-1661.
  • If you would like us to fax or mail your pension verification letter to a third party, please include their fax number and/or mailing address.