Virtual retirement counseling

Our virtual retirement counseling sessions are held every other Wednesday afternoon using Microsoft Teams. Prior to these events, we will provide attendees personalized creditable service estimates to help in planning for retirement. As such, we only offer limited, first-come, first-served seats during these sessions.

Your MTRS Benefits and Ready for Retirement seminars

Occasionally throughout the year we hold online general admittance seminars via Microsoft Teams. Please sign up for our email list for program announcements and instructions on how to register.

Your MTRS Benefits seminar

this is an informational program for MTRS members of all ages and career stages. The two-hour program focuses on retirement formulas, creditable service issues, Social Security and other post-retirement issues.

Can’t attend?

Review the Your MTRS Benefits booklet (2024) or for more details watch our video series.

Ready for Retirement seminar

this two-hour program is for our soon-to-be retirees. During this nuts-and-bolts seminar, members learn exactly what to do—and expect—as they go through the retirement process.

Can’t attend?

Review the Ready for Retirement booklet (2024), which includes a sample of a completed retirement application. For more details watch our video series.


Walk-in individual counseling

Please note that, in order to allow our experienced calculations and benefits staff to focus on our top priority—making sure that members who are retiring now receive their benefit payments on time—our services to walk-ins are limited and subject to a 15-minute limit and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you cannot find the information you need on our website, we strongly encourage you to contact us by phone or email before making the drive to Charlestown or Springfield. Our representatives are just a phone call away, and can most likely answer your questions or take your requests for additional services.

If you do visit our office, our services will be limited to:

  • Reviewing any applications that you wish to submit for completeness (specifically, refund, retirement or service purchase applications)
  • Answering certain general questions about MTRS processes

We cannot:

  • Estimate your creditable service
  • Determine your eligibility to purchase creditable service, or your estimated cost
  • Project your retirement benefits

To obtain these services, please submit your request by email; we will acknowledge your request, and it will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.