At this time, you should be here because you are:

  • an educator who is joining the MTRS for the first time, or
  • an existing MTRS member who is changing school districts, or
  • a former or inactive MTRS member who is returning to active service (be sure to read the important notice below),

and your employer has registered you in our online MyTRS system and provided you with your MTRS Mandatory Enrollment Assignment Sheet.

To complete your assignment, you will use MyTRS, our member self-service application.

Important notice

If you are a former member of a Massachusetts public retirement system who took a refund when you left service, please be aware of your limited opportunity to purchase “Section 3” creditable service at “buyback” interest.

If you established membership in a Massachusetts public retirement system on or after April 2, 2012, and you had previously been a member of a Massachusetts public retirement system and taken a refund of your account, you will have one year from the date that you re-entered public service to apply and pay for your Section 3 service purchase at the lower “buyback” interest rate (currently, 3.75%). After your first year of re-entry to membership, you will be subject to actuarial interest (currently, 7.5%). For details, see Types of purchasable service and application forms.