You may be eligible to purchase creditable service for your pre-1975 maternity leave if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • you did not have at least ten years of creditable service on December 31, 2001, but you have now accrued at least ten years of creditable service AND, at this time, it is within 18 months of the date that you have accrued ten years of service;
  • you took a leave, or resigned, for maternity or adoption purposes prior to January 1, 1975;
  • you were either a member in service of the MTRS or a member in service with the Boston Retirement System as a teacher, within the nine months immediately before the birth or adoption of your child; and
  • you will be an active member of the MTRS, or on an authorized leave of absence, on the date that you apply to purchase this credit.

If you believe that you meet all four of these requirements, please contact us and request that we send you our Pre-1975 Maternity Leave Purchase application form for you to complete and return to our office. Once we have confirmed that your maternity leave is eligible for purchase, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws c. 32, section 4(g 1/2), we will send you an invoice detailing the amount of credit you may purchase, its cost and your payment options.