After the death of one of our benefit recipients, the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS) makes its best effort to identify and reach out to that person’s survivors and/or estate to pay any remaining benefits that may be due. At times, however, these funds are not paid out either because we are unable to reach the survivors and/or estates, or because our office may not be contacted by them. To help the MTRS process these cases, we list the names of our benefit recipients with unclaimed funds here, in the hope that their survivors and/or estates will contact us to claim any funds that may be due.

If you are:

  • the executor or executrix, or
  • the survivor or beneficiary

of a deceased MTRS member or benefit recipient, and neither you nor the member’s estate has received a “final payment” of the deceased member’s retirement benefit, the MTRS may have unclaimed funds on account for you.

If you believe that the member’s estate or you may have unclaimed funds, please:

  1. REVIEW the list below to see if the deceased member’s name appears.
  2. If you find the deceased member’s name, please COMPLETE our application for unclaimed funds 
  3. and return it to our main office, as indicated on the form. You must send us a completed form in order to make a claim for funds; because we need documentation of your eligibility to receive any funds, we cannot process a claim over the phone.

Data as of January 11, 2022