Retirement and survivor benefits are paid for time already accrued. In other words, the allowance that you receive at the end of January is the payment for January.

As a reminder, you will not receive a direct deposit statement every month. Direct deposit statements are only mailed when…

  • your first direct deposit is made;
  • there is a change in the amount of your direct deposit from the prior month (for instance, if you change the amount of your federal tax withholding or your insurance premium changes);
  • the MTRS needs to inform retirees of new information and prints a special notice on the top portion of the direct deposit statement; and
  • the MTRS provides you with your year-end statement in December, showing your complete year-to-date information for the calendar year.

Obtaining verification of your benefit income

During your retirement, you may need to provide verification of your MTRS benefit amount to a third party, for example, when applying for a loan, a rent or mortgage rebate, or nursing home or public housing. If you are requesting verification for Social Security purposes, please be sure to tell the MTRS representative this, as we will need to include additional information in your letter.