As a member of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System, you have an annuity savings account that is maintained on your behalf by the MTRS for your retirement. To find out how much money you have in your annuity savings account, either:

  • refer to your MTRS annuity savings account annual statement, which we mail in the spring to all members who have a balance in their accounts; or,
  • contact our main office, at 617-679-MTRS, to request a statement of your account balance at any time during the year.

While you are an active member of the MTRS, you are not eligible to withdraw any portion of your account balance. Likewise, you may not borrow money from your account or assign your account nor may your account be attached by a lien, except by the Internal Revenue Service or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. However, once you leave service and become an inactive member, you have the option to withdraw your funds.