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August 15, 2006 This information is intended to provide clarification of which payments made to your employees pursuant to current, as well as future, salary augmentation plans or salary enhancement programs (also known as "enhanced longevity buy-out" provisions, or "ELBOs") are pensionable, and which are not.


In April 2006, the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) …

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How part-time “membership” service is credited

If you have rendered any “membership” service on a part-time basis, it will be credited as follows:
For part-time membership service rendered... You will receive...
On or before 11/9/1990 Full-time credit
Between 11/9/1990 and 7/9/2010 If your employment status during this …

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Am I allowed to provide personal information to the MTRS related to a disability retirement application?

Massachusetts General Laws chapter 32, section 20(5)(b) states: "The head of any department upon request from the Board shall promptly furnish it with such information as shall be required to effectuate the provisions of sections one to twenty-eight inclusive." This …

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