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Reminder to school departments: As described below, there are time and earnings restrictions on re-employment with a Massachusetts public employer. However, there are no restrictions on employment in the private sector, public employment in another state or employment with the federal government.

Reference: PERAC memos, including an interactive earnings calculator

Monthly deduction reports and payments are due to the MTRS the 10th of the following month in accordance with M.G.L c. 32, § 22 (e.g., September's report and payment are due October 10). Monthly payments can be made via EFT, direct deposit (currently available on a limited basis) or check. Payments made via check must be …

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MTRS member contribution rates are established pursuant to M.G.L. c. 32, §22. For members of the MTRS, employers are responsible for deducting the mandated percentage from their employees’ regular compensation and forwarding those contributions to the MTRS for deposit. Once an employer has registered a member in MyTRS, the appropriate deduction rate can be …

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What earnings qualify as “regular compensation” is important for members, employers and the MTRS:
  • "Regular compensation" is the amount of a member's earnings upon which he or she pays retirement contributions.
  • Only those payments that meet the definition of “regular compensation” may be used in the determination of a member's final salary average, which is …

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