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Retirement and survivor benefits are paid for time already accrued. In other words, the allowance that you receive at the end of January is the payment for January. As a reminder, you will not receive a direct deposit statement every month. Direct deposit statements are only mailed when...
Throughout your retirement, we will administer your benefits and provide you with information and services. You also need to contact us when certain events occur.

During your retirement, WE will…

Provide you with information regarding your retirement benefits and our services  We will gladly answer your questions on your MTRS benefits regarding your retirement and keep you …

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About your health insurance in retirement

Health insurance for retired members of the MTRS is not provided by the MTRS, but, rather, is a local contractual benefit. Most school districts offer continued health insurance to their retirees and either:
  • participate in the Retired Municipal Teachers’ (RMT) Program (see list below) or
  • offer their own group insurance …

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As you probably know, Massachusetts is one of a handful of “non-Social Security” states. This means that you, as a member of a contributory retirement system, pay into our system instead of Social Security; you do not earn any Social Security “credits” or “quarters” for your MTRS contributions or service. However, you may have earned …

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