The MTRS and you: An overview for new members



Your MTRS Benefits

These videos are based on our 2018 “Your MTRS Benefits” seminar series, and provide an overview of benefits for Tier 1 members (membership date before April 2, 2012)—from the basics of the MTRS, to what you will need to know when retired.

Or download the most recent version of Your MTRS Benefits booklet (includes updated interest rates).


Part 1: Your contributions
Pages 4–5
Part 2: Types of retirement benefits
Pages 7–8
Part 3: Regular creditable service
Page 9
Part 4: Purchasable creditable service
Page 10
Part 5: The three retirement options: A, B and C
Page 12
Part 6: The retirement formula for Tier 1 members
Pages 12–16
Part 7: Retiree health insurance
Page 18
Part 8: Working after retirement
Pages 20–21
Please note: at the time of this video’s recording, the hourly limit for MA public employment as a retiree was 960 hours per calendar year. As of 7/1/2021, that limit has been increased to 1,200 hours per calendar year
Part 9: Taxation of your benefit
Page 22

Part 10: Cost of living adjustments
Page 23

Ready for Retirement

These videos are a supplement to our “Ready for Retirement” seminar series, and provide an overview of planning for retirement, completing the Retirement Application and what you’ll need to know after retirement.

Download the Ready for Retirement booklet to see an example of a completed Retirement Application.

Part 1: Preparing for retirement
Part 2: Completing the retirement application

Questions about how to complete a specific page in the retirement application? Click on the page number and jump right to that section:

Part 3: Welcome to retirement

Enrolling in the MTRS

If you are a new member of the MTRS, or a current member who is changing districts, you will need to complete your online enrollment in MyTRS.

Leaving service prior to retirement

Learn what your options are if you leave MTRS service prior to retirement.

Our retirees

Mary Madden

In 2019, as part of our 105th anniversary celebration, we were honored to interview Mary Madden, a 105-year-old MTRS retiree. Ms. Madden retired as the principal of the Lake Street School in Spencer, Massachusetts in 1981. Sadly, Ms. Madden passed away on April 29, 2020.