Our front-line in member services, these retired educators are here to answer all your retirement-related questions! Below are five of our eleven representatives who work our phones each day.


Rita worked for 20 years, retiring from Woburn as a school counselor. In retirement she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She started at the ‘TRS in June 2021 and loves working with her colleagues and talking to our members.
Richard worked for over 28 years, retiring from Lynn as an electrical and safety teacher. In retirement he likes vacationing during seasonal downtime. Richard started at the ‘TRS in June 2021 and his favorite part of the job is the family atmosphere and the responses received from members he’s helped.
Marianne worked for 20 years, retiring from Wilmington where she was a middle and elementary special education, reading, and physical education teacher. In retirement she enjoys the flexibility to travel whenever she wants. Marianne started at the ‘TRS in December 2019 and enjoys helping others the most about the job.
Debra worked for 21 years, retiring from Malden as a business teacher. In retirement she enjoys not knowing what day it is, and day-trips with her husband. Debra started at the ‘TRS in June 2021 and loved how welcoming her coworkers were and how appreciative members are for her help.

Jean worked for over 30 years, retiring from Lawrence as a special education teacher and administrator. In retirement she enjoys being able to spend time with her grandchildren. Jean started at the ‘TRS in October of 2021 and the part of the job she enjoys the most is helping people get to retirement and making their day.