The following applies to any newly hired employee or existing employee who is hired for an MTRS eligible position.

Once it has been confirmed that an employee is in an MTRS eligible position, the district must register the employee in MyTRS; within 30 days of hire, the employee must enroll online in MyTRS (pursuant to CMR 807-4.03).

Employer responsibilities

  1. Determine employee eligibility for MTRS membership.
  2. Register the employee in MyTRS.
  3. Provide the registered employee with the “Enrollment Assignment Sheet” that is generated at the end of the registration process.
  4. Check the employee’s deduction rate in MyTRS after registration to ensure they are set up in your payroll system with the proper deduction rate.
  5. Enter the deduction rate, full-time equivalent contract salary and position information into your payroll system for monthly deduction reporting.
  6. Ensure the employee has completed the mandatory online enrollment process within 30 days of hire. You can run a Members Pending Enrollment Report in MyTRS to gather this information.

Employee responsibilities

In MyTRS, the employee must complete the mandatory online enrollment process within 30 days of hire (pursuant to CMR 807-4.03). This process can only be completed once the district has finalized the registration process mentioned above. In order to enroll, the employee must complete the following steps:

  1. Create a username and password for MyTRS if the employee does not already have them. The “Forgot Username” and “Forgot Password” links can be used if previously created log in credentials have been forgotten.
  2. Log in, click on the Enroll in the MTRS link, and then follow the instructions to complete the four steps.
    Note: In Step 3, employees who have previously worked in a Massachusetts public service position, must list this prior service, and indicate if they have funds on account with another Massachusetts public retirement system; they do not need to list any prior MTRS service, as we should already have that information in our records.
  3. From the Documents page, print the “Enrollment Confirmation” form and provide a copy to the Payroll/HR department.