The Board and its Duties

The Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement Board administers the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS). The Board is composed of seven members chosen in accordance with the enabling statute of the MTRS:

  • the Massachusetts State Treasurer or his or her designee
  • the Auditor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or his or her designee
  • two members who are elected by the active and retired members of the system,
  • one member—who must be a retired teacher—who is appointed by the Governor,
  • one member who is chosen by the vote of the other six, and
  • the last member and the Board’s chairperson is the Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education or his or her designee.

Excepting the chairperson, State Treasurer and State Auditor, each member serves a four-year term. The length of the chairperson’s term depends upon the term of office of the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Board, which meets at least once a month,

  • votes on every disability retirement allowance,
  • investigates all claims for accidental and ordinary disabilities,
  • establishes the rules and regulations of the agency, and
  • oversees the dissemination of services and information to its membership of more than 93,000 active educators and over 66,000 retirees and survivors.