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As you know, there are federal and state limits on the amount of pensionable earnings ("regular compensation") that can be used in computing benefits for active members of public retirement systems with effective membership dates after 12/31/1995.

What this means for employers

For any members with effective membership dates listed below, DO NOT take MTRS deductions on any …

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Understanding the COLA on your August benefit statement

The Governor signed the FY2024 budget into law on August 9th. The budget includes a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) effective July 1, 2023, providing a 3% increase on the first $13,000 of your retirement benefit. This results in a maximum increase of $390 per year or $32.50 per month …

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Due to a system error, files must be in Validated with Errors status in order to make corrections

We have learned that MyTRS is currently not allowing employers to fix deduction report import files with the status of Processed with Errors. If you currently have an imported file with the status of Processed with Errors that needs correction, please …

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The one-time opportunity for eligible members to make a RetirementPlus participation decision has ended as of June 30, 2023

On August 3, 2022, then Governor Charlie Baker signed into law Chapter 134 of the Acts of 2022 which--among other changes to how RetirementPlus is implemented for MTRS members--allowed for  members who had 1) transferred-in service …

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