Dear Superintendents and treasurers,

The MTRS is conducting an audit of employer users and employer security administrators for our MyTRS pension management application.

On November 17, we sent a verification form via email to every treasurer for inactive employers who use MyTRS and superintendents for active employers. Today, we will resend these forms to individuals who have not yet responded. Please make sure you received the form, and that it was not blocked as potential spam by your network security protocols. Completed forms must be returned via email no later than December 15, 2023.

For treasurers of inactive employers who still use MyTRS, please make sure you received the form, and confirm your appointment and any other users you authorize to use MyTRS.

For Superintendents of active employers, please confirm we have the security administrator you have or want to designate and confirm with your security administrator if the other authorized users are still valid.

Once those steps are complete, please:

  • print the form,
  • sign it,
  • scan it,
  • email it as specified on the form.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert George, Director of Employer Information Systems at 617-679-6869 or