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RetirementPlus (R+) Special Election is Underway

Eligible MTRS members received election packets in the mail and now have a final, one-time opportunity to participate in or opt-out of RetirementPlus (R+) by June 30, 2023. This final, one-time special R+ election is a result of Chapter 134 of the Acts of …

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As of December 31, 2022, the suspension of the post-retirement hours and earnings limits has expired. If your district employs retired members of the MTRS or another Massachusetts contributory retirement system, the standard hours and earnings limitations are back in effect for 2023. Please remember, it is the shared responsibility of your employee and you to …

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Please complete any employee address updates and import your October and November 2022 monthly deduction report files by the end of the day Wednesday, December 7.

Help us with members' current addresses

We are finalizing our list of members that will receive their final, one-time opportunity to participate in RetirementPlus (R+) in January 2023 and need …

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