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As you know, there are federal and state limits on the amount of pensionable earnings ("regular compensation") that can be used in computing benefits for active members of public retirement systems with effective membership dates after 12/31/1995.

What this means for employers

For any members with effective membership dates listed below, DO NOT take MTRS deductions on …

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Employee Roster

The Edit button on the Employee Roster > Member Employment screen has been restored. You can now resume making changes to employee events.

Registration for membership

The issues that previously prevented the registration of new-to-MTRS employees and employees who are beneficiaries of another MTRS member are now fully resolved. If a registration has prevented you from …

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Attempts to register employees who are new to the MTRS will not process

The MTRS discovered an error that prevents employers from registering new employees in MyTRS who have no previous MyTRS profile. Additionally, this will prevent employers from importing files that contain unregistered members. At this time, do not attempt to register any employees who do …

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