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A step in the new member registration process is currently not working; a workaround is provided

A recent patch to our MyTRS reporting platform has temporarily turned off the "Email Enrollment Assignment Sheet" function in our new member registration process. Employers can still register members for membership; however, the "Email Enrollment Assignment Sheet" link is not working. Instead, …

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1) Important: Send all group insurance rate changes for January 2024 premiums by 12/01/2023 for processing

The MTRS has temporarily hidden the Add Rates and Edit Rates buttons on the Insurance Rates screen in MyTRS. We are still working with our vendor to develop validations to prevent plan price changes from triggering billing errors. Thus, employers cannot add plan rates or edit plan rates at …

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As you know, there are federal and state limits on the amount of pensionable earnings ("regular compensation") that can be used in computing benefits for active members of public retirement systems with effective membership dates after 12/31/1995.

What this means for employers

For any members with effective membership dates listed below, DO NOT take MTRS deductions on any …

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Step 1: Review new hires and any staff changing jobs to determine if they may be eligible for MTRS membership

BEFORE you register your new hires in MyTRS, determine if they are eligible for MTRS membership by reviewing our eligibility criteria online. Employers should review the eligibility criteria in order to …

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