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This email is to remind you of an important change to retirement-eligible pay ("regular compensation") for members receiving workers' compensation that we first notified you about in April 2023. It should be shared with employees who process payroll and your affected MTRS members. After a lengthy appeal process, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court made a final …

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MyTRS—Retiree insurance training session live via TEAMS, April 24

The MTRS is happy to announce that we will host a live retiree insurance training session via TEAMS for employers on Wednesday, April 24, from 1 - 2pm. We'll specifically discuss the function we've restored to MyTRS allowing employers to enter your own rate changes, but all …

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MyTRS—Employers can add or edit plan rates

The MTRS has reenabled the Add Rates and Edit Rates buttons on the Insurance Rates screen in MyTRS as we have implemented new validations to help prevent plan price changes from triggering billing errors. Thus, employers can now add plan rates or edit plan rates for their retirees for …

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Dear Payroll Official, You are receiving this message because you did not import your 2023 MTRS Monthly Deduction Reports through December to at least INITIAL status by the January 31, 2024 deadline. We have sent multiple reminders, with the last sent on February 21. (All broadcast emails are archived on the Employers section …

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