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The office of the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board is now conducting the election for our system's representative on the PRIM Board, an unpaid position with a term of three years. Please watch your mailbox for your ballot to arrive soon, and be sure to vote—either online or by mail—by the deadline of May 5, …

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New date and time: Tuesday, March 21 at 9am

Already signed up? There is no need to re-register, you can still use the same link previously sent to you to access the seminar. Haven't registered yet? Feel free to register for the 3/21 seminar using the same registration link: RetirementPlus …

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Many of our retired members often ask whether the so-called social security double dipping laws will ever be repealed or amended. At this time, we regret to report that the outlook is not favorable. The WEP and GPO are federal laws that reduce social security benefits for retirees of public retirement systems in states like Massachusetts …

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R+ special election employer training seminar

The MTRS will conduct an updated R+ special election employer training seminar for school district HR and Payroll staff onWednesday, March 15, at 9:00 AM. Registration is now open via the RetirementPlus employer training registration form. This seminar will review topics from the Read more Updated RetirementPlus (R+) seminar for employers scheduled and other important updates


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