June entry deadline is only a week away

The deadline for entering 7/1/2024 plan rate changes to be included in the June retiree payroll is 9pm on Thursday, June 13.

Employers can add or edit plan rates

The MTRS has re-enabled the Add Rates and Edit Rates buttons on the Insurance Rates screen in MyTRS. Please do not make any changes until you have read the new instructions or watched the new videos.

If you need a new plan added to your profile, please email InsuranceUpdates@trb.state.ma.us ASAP so we can make it available for you with enough time for you to add the plan to your retirees.  It takes 24 hours before the plans become available after they have been added.

Updated training materials

In April, we released new retiree insurance training videos for both plan rate changes and individual coverage on our website. Please watch them before making any changes in MyTRS.

We have also updated and published a brand new Retiree Insurance in MyTRS guide, please discontinue using the former guide written in 2021 – it is out of date.

We have printed copies of the updated Retiree Insurance in MyTRS guide available. To request a copy, if you have not already asked for one, please email InsuranceUpdates@trb.state.ma.us with the subject “New Guide” and we’ll get a copy out to you right away.

If you have already requested a copy, they will be mailed out by the end of this week. Please do not send a second request unless you need additional copies.

Please pay special attention to the changes in:
Chapter 2—Retiree Insurance Guidelines

Chapter 12—View Plan Rates
Chapter 13—Add / Edit Plan Rates
Chapter 14—Premium Rate Holidays

Insurance Carrier UniCare is changing its name to Wellpoint

The Group Insurance Commission has announced that the Health Insurance Carrier UniCare is changing its name to Wellpoint. The MTRS has begun the process of updating plans in MyTRS with the label “Unicare” to “Wellpoint” for open enrollment.

This change will not require new plans for FY2025, rather we are simply updating the plan labels. Employers will not need to change retiree plans individually.

If you have a retiree or survivor who is moving to a Wellpoint plan effective 07/01/2024, please migrate them to the current UniCare equivalent and their labels will update once the name change has been completed.

If you have any questions about this change, please get in touch with the GIC directly.


Please contact us at InsuranceUpdates@trb.state.ma.us.