As the MTRS continues to provide essential services remotely, we appreciate your assistance providing benefits to your employees and retirees during this difficult time.

Three processing reminders for the spring season

Group insurance rate changes for July 1, 2020: Beat the rush!

Deadline reminder: For your July 1st group rate changes to be processed in time to be reflected in our retirees’ June 30th checks (in payment of the July 1st premium), you must submit them no later than May 31st.

If you have already submitted your group insurance rate changes for July premiums, thank you; if not, at your earliest convenience, please complete the Group Rate Premium Change Form (available on the Employer Forms page under “Reporting retiree insurance”) and email it to For instructions, see our Guided Practice 17: Group Premium Rate Change Form .

After we process your rate change request, you will receive an email confirmation. You should then sign in to MyTRS and confirm your changes. Verifying your changes prevents a small typo or oversight from becoming a large issue for your retired employees. Group rate changes are updated overnight, you will not see the corrected rate until the day after we process your changes. If you discover an issue with the rate change, please email us at, with a subject of “RATE ERROR FOUND,” and your message will be given high priority.

Please be assured that we will make every effort to enter group rate changes in MyTRS before the June warrant is processed and the deductions for July premiums are withheld.

Need a refresher? Watch our Retiree Insurance training video, or reference guides listed on that page.

Insurance deductions for soon-to-be retirees:
We automatically “enable” the set up for you

No need to email and request, we “enable” the insurance set up in MyTRS for brand new retirees upon receipt of their retirement applications.

To “enable” insurance set up for existing retirees who are obtaining any kind of coverage for the first time, or if there is any issue with retiree settings, email the insurance updates box, with a subject of “ENABLE RETIREE.”

Rate-wide premium insurance “holidays”:
You can process these in MyTRS

With direct access to retiree insurance functions in MyTRS, districts wishing to offer premium “holidays” can process them in one sitting.

To reflect a premium “holiday” in MyTRS, enter a stop date on retirees’ deductions and, at the same time, enter a new rate line to restart the deductions a month later. Using this process, you have full control over the rate “holiday” and can avoid any complications batch processing may present.

If you have already submitted your changes, thank you!

Questions? Email us at