The MTRS recently installed two MyTRS updates to improve active member employee reporting. The first update reduces session stalling when signing in immediately after logging out, and the second update—a partial improvement—fixes the Copy Selected button in Deduction Reporting.

Although the Copy Selected button is fixed, the MTRS detected two issues with the filter function, and we are providing temporary workarounds. While these workarounds are not optimal, we decided to fix Copy Selected immediately instead of waiting for forthcoming corrections.

1.Issue: Filter labels disappear without the filters themselves being removed.
Overview: If you copy more than one record with filters enabled without clicking apply beforehand, the filter labels (the pill-shaped bubbles) disappear, which prevents you from clearing the corresponding currently active filter(s). To prevent this, you need to click Apply between copying records.
Workaround: To resolve the filter issue if it does occur, simply apply a different filter. This will make new filter labels appear which you can then remove to reset the view.
2.Issue: Reports that have been filtered cannot be exported.
Overview: If a filter is used on a report, MyTRS will prevent you from exporting your entire deduction report or the filtered set of records.
Workaround: If you need to export your report after applying a filter, close the report by clicking Save. Then reopen the same report and click Export before applying a new filter.


Please contact your assigned Employer Services representative.