Employee Roster

The Edit button on the Employee Roster > Member Employment screen has been restored. You can now resume making changes to employee events.

Registration for membership

The issues that previously prevented the registration of new-to-MTRS employees and employees who are beneficiaries of another MTRS member are now fully resolved. If a registration has prevented you from importing one or more of your deduction reports, please remember to process your imported file(s) again after registering the employee.

Deduction report imports

We have corrected a technical issue within our import module that prevented reports from proceeding to Initial status. If your import was stuck as Processed with Errors, please reprocess your import. The error should either be resolved or—if persistent—better defined to help you correct the error. In addition to this fix, MyTRS has been further optimized to reduce import and processing times for files.

Additional resources

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If you have any questions, please contact your assigned Employer Services Representative.