We are excited to announce a new feature in MyTRS that allows your district’s Employer Services Representative to return a deduction report in “Pending” status back to “Initial” status in order for you to be able to make required corrections or adjustments. If your report has been returned, the “Date Rejected” field in MyTRS will populate and you will receive an e-mail from your Representative listing the corrections you will need to make before resubmitting the report to “Pending” status.

MTRS will no longer audit reports in “Initial” status

Previously, some employers and their assigned MTRS representatives had an informal agreement where the representative would audit reports prior to submission. With the new ability for MTRS to return the report to employers in “Initial” status, these pre-submission audits are no longer necessary. That said, Employer Services will still be available to answer any questions you may have prior to submission.

Please submit reports you believe are complete

If you currently have reports in MyTRS that you planned to have audited prior to submission, please review and correct any errors and, if you believe they are complete, submit them to “Pending.” Your Representative will review “Pending” reports in the order they are received, will return any reports in need of correction to “Initial” status, and will send you a follow-up e-mail.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your district’s assigned Employer Services Representative, or Robert George, Director of Employer Services, at 617-679-6869 or robert.george@trb.state.ma.us.

Thank you for your continued assistance to our members and us!