As we mentioned in our e-mail of July 31, 2019, we are now conducting an election for the two members of the Board who are elected by the active and retired members of our system. This election is held once every four years.

If any of your employees who are MTRS members believe that they are eligible to vote, but do not receive a ballot by November 20, please ask them to call our Charlestown office, at 617-679-6877, and request a ballot. We will then determine that person’s eligibility and, if appropriate, send a ballot directly to him or her.

Note: A member is eligible to vote if he or she is an active or retired member of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System. Accordingly, temporary, part-time and substitute teachers who have not yet completed their six-month waiting period are not eligible to vote. If an employee is on a leave of absence, is on sick leave or is receiving Workers’ Compensation, however, he or she is eligible to vote.

If you have any questions, please see our 2019 Board Election web page or contact us.