MyTRS has been updated to allow employers and the Employer Services Unit (ESU) team to cancel EFT payments that have not yet been processed. You can now cancel payments that you have submitted until 6:45pm on the day the EFT was added to MyTRS. Payments cannot be canceled in MyTRS once they have been transmitted to our bank. Depending on the timing, you may still be able to cancel payments through your district’s bank.


  1. When you submit an EFT payment, your payment will appear under the Scheduled Payments section with the status labeled as Active.
  2. Clicking on the Bank Name hyperlink under Scheduled Payments > Account section will take you to the Cancel Payment page.
  3. Click on the Cancel Payment button to cancel the payment. You can cancel the payment until 6:45pm on the same day it was added.
    A batch will run at 6:45pm each night which changes the Payment Request Status to Queued.
  4. The queued payments are displayed under the EFT Payment History section. Once the payment is in Queued status, you can no longer cancel that payment.


Please contact your assigned Employer Services representative.