Effective immediately, the mailing address for all monthly deduction reporting payments by check has changed to:

Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System
PO Box 358020
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-5020

Our bank will be accepting payments at the old address for at least a few weeks so if you have recently mailed a payment to the old address, it should be received without any issue.

If you submit deduction payments by mailed check, please update your records, and be sure to download our revised MTRS Retirement Deduction Submittal Form.

If your town submits your payment, please make sure to forward this to the appropriate person in the town in case he or she is not on our mailing list.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your district’s assigned Employer Services Representative, or Robert George, Director of Employer Services, at 617-679-6869 or robert.george@trb.state.ma.us.

Thank you for your continued assistance to our members and us!