Dear School District Superintendents, Charter School and Education Collaborative Directors, Business Managers, Town Treasurers, Personnel Administrators and Payroll Officers,

As scheduled, the member self-service module in MyTRS is now available for your newly hired members to use to enroll in the MTRS.

Please note that the process is the same as before—employers must still register new hires in MyTRS and provide them with the printed MTRS Enrollment Assignment Sheet, and new hires must still enroll online—and only the tools have changed.

  • The MTRS Enrollment Assignment Sheet has been updated to include MTRS member number and additional fields related to deduction reporting. To create a self-service account in MyTRS, members will need their MTRS member numbers, so this identifier has been added to the assignment sheet; you can also find your employees’ MTRS numbers using the View/Update Employee Information link. Also added were three fields that you may be familiar with from deduction reporting:
    • Contract term: The term (length of time expressed in months) associated with the contract covering the member whose deductions are being reported; the length of time the member is contracted to work. Contract terms of “01”, “02” and “03” should only be used for an athletic coach who is a teacher in another school district. New: The MTRS now offers a contract term of ‘HR’ for MTRS eligible hourly employees who have fluctuating base earnings because they are not eligible for vacation or sick leave benefits.
    • Pay frequency: The annual pay date schedule expressed as a two-digit number. For a member who receives pay weekly over all 12 months in the year, the pay frequency would be reported as 52. Teachers who receive pay on a bi-weekly schedule, 12 months a year would have a pay frequency of 26. Pay frequency of “01”, “02”, “03” and “06” should only be used for a coach who teaches in another school district.
    • Pay duration: Duration of the pay schedule for the member being reported, expressed in months. The “LS” value is entered for members on a 12-month pay cycle who collect their summer pay as a lump sum in month 10. Pay durations of “01”, “02” and “03” should only be used for a coach who teaches in another school district.
  • The one-day delay between employer registration and member enrollment has been eliminated. Enrollment has been incorporated into MyTRS, allowing members to enroll online on the same day that you register them.
  • There is no form to return to employers. To verify that your employees have enrolled and confirm their contribution rates, check MyTRS; under Your Employees, click View/Update Employee Information and then, under the Demographics tab, search for the employee.
  • Enrolling members will first need to create a self-service account in MyTRS, then sign into MyTRS to access the enrollment tool. The just-updated MTRS Enrollment Assignment Sheet directs members to our website, where they will find additional instructions on what to do and how to access MyTRS.

Also, at this time, the self-service module of MyTRS is only being made available for use by our new enrollees. In the coming months and on a gradual basis, we will be making it available to our active and retired members, and we will be sure to keep you informed along the way.