MyTRS—Retiree insurance training session live via TEAMS, April 24

The MTRS is happy to announce that we will host a live retiree insurance training session via TEAMS for employers on Wednesday, April 24, from 1 – 2pm. We’ll specifically discuss the function we’ve restored to MyTRS allowing employers to enter your own rate changes, but all questions will be welcome.

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MyTRS—Employers can add or edit plan rates

As announced in our April 1 email, employers now have access to change employer plan prices. Now that this functionality has been restored, please do not process changes without reading the instructions and/or reviewing our videos, or you might cause serious errors in your retirees’ deductions. We’re already seeing plans added with a final price of $.01, employers altering last year’s plan prices (creating false rebills for every retiree) and selecting plan options they don’t need. Below is a list of the chapters of our written guide to review prior to making changes.

Retiree Insurance in MyTRS guide
Important note:
If you have a physical copy of our Retiree Insurance in MyTRS guide, it is out of date. Instead, please use the updated online Retiree Insurance in MyTRS guide, which has been completely rewritten and contains two additional chapters.
Please pay special attention to the changes in:
Chapter 2—Retiree Insurance Guidelines
Chapter 12—View Plan Rates
Chapter 13—Add / Edit Plan Rates
Chapter 14—Premium Rate Holidays
Retiree insurance training videos
Our new plan price change videos:

View and filter plans
Adding plan rates
Our new individual retiree process videos:
Retiree insurance basics (coming soon)
Initial coverage
Changing and correcting individual coverage
Cancelling individual retiree coverage
Viewing deduction history

Please visit our online training and guides page to view all of our videos and to access our comprehensive training manuals.


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