R+ employer seminar materials

Thank you to those who attended our R+ special election employer training. The recording is now available if you would like to listen to it again or if you missed the seminar. Additionally, you can download the presentation slides of the training.

An online seminar for R+ special election-eligible members only

Earlier this week, we emailed eligible members to announce that the MTRS will conduct an online seminar for R+ special election-eligible members during school vacation week on Thursday, February 23, at 9:30 AM. Registration is now open. Please remind your eligible employees to check their email for the registration link if they are interested and have not yet signed up. Again, this seminar is ONLY for special election-eligible employees, so please only reach out to the ones that are on the list of eligible employees provided to your superintendent in January.

If MTRS members have questions regarding the new law and its potential impact, please have them visit the MTRS website and the R+ Resource Center for details or email us at RetirementPlus@trb.state.ma.us.

We will reach out with updates on the next steps of this process in the near future. Again, we appreciate your assistance.