Phishing alert–beware of email solicitations that reference the MTRS and offer “Retirement Reviews”

Unsolicited emails may be “phishing” attempts. The MTRS is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any commercial companies.

We’ve recently been alerted of unsolicited emails to MTRS members offering appointments for “Employee Retirement Reviews” and have determined that these are likely Phishing attempts.

Occasionally, financial planning companies will use “MTRS” in their advertising or presentation materials, or otherwise imply that they can provide members with personal MTRS retirement information.

If MTRS members receive any emails or invitations from third parties that appear to indicate that they have a connection with us, beware.

  • We never grant permission for the use of the “MTRS” name or materials in any sales solicitations or presentations by financial planners or commercial entities. When we learn of the unauthorized use of our name or materials, we immediately contact the offender and advise them to modify their materials so that they in no way suggest that the information has been supplied, approved, sponsored, or endorsed by us.
  • We do not share personal MTRS retirement data with financial planners or firms. Member account data is confidential; we will provide it only to the member or someone authorized by the member, and only after we have verified the identity of both parties.
  • We do not provide members addresses, phone numbers or email addresses to outside groups except pursuant to a public records request from a criminal justice agency or an organization that qualifies for an exemption under the Commonwealth’s public records law [M.G.L. c. 4, s. 7 (26)(o)].
  • Beware of “Phishing” schemes designed to trick readers into revealing personal information. Phishing is a common scheme in which a scammer sends a legitimate looking, yet fraudulent email designed to trick the reader into clicking a link and/or revealing personal and financial information. Phishing attacks, while most common in email, may also be attempted over the phone.

Please note that emails from the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System will always come from addresses that end with

A broadcast alert was sent to MTRS members, which included tips on recognizing fraud red flags, you can view the broadcast here.

If your members receive an email, invitation, or call from a company offering to sell financial services and claiming to have a connection with the MTRS or have access to personal MTRS data, first, be cautious. Second, call us at 617-679-6877 or email