1. For any employee who will receive a lump sum payment for the summer, use the pay duration code of “LS” in your payroll software. Also, be sure to do this before you export your June deduction report from your payroll system. As a best practice, we recommend that you enter these LS codes in your May deduction report, so that you will avoid receiving any misleading “missing member” errors in your June through August reports.
  2. For any lump sum payment that requires a service correction code, add a note to explain what happened. This is very important to ensure that the member receives the correct service credit.
  3. Flag the summer pay dates on your payroll calendar in MyTRS. For detailed instructions, see Creating a Payroll Calendar in MyTRS, page 5.
  4. For employees subject to the additional 2% deduction on annual earnings over $30,000, and who receive any off-schedule payrolls (extra checks) for payments such as coaching, stipends or longevity, take the 2% deductions on the FULL check amount. Be aware, however, that this may require you to make a manual calculation or adjustment when processing payroll, as most payroll systems won’t automatically take 2% on the entire check.
  5. Enter and update any known, upcoming employment events, such as leaves of absence or terminations, in MyTRS before they occur. Doing this housekeeping in advance will make your deduction reporting process easier later on—just be sure that the effective pay dates that you enter for these events are correct, and remember that for termination events, the effective pay date should be the DAY AFTER the member’s final check (for more information, see our guide on Termination events).

Questions? Contact your Employer Service Representative or e‑mail empsup@trb.state.ma.us.