The Retiree Insurance functions in MyTRS are now available to employers. Starting today, you can add or make changes to individual retiree insurance selections and premium rates for the insurance plans you offer.

Plan Price Updates

We have restored employer access to the Edit Rates and Add Rates buttons on the Insurance Rates screen. Employers can once again add new rows to update plan prices for July 1st coverage.

Please note that when adding a price for a new period, it is CRITICAL to ADD a row when adding a plan cost. DO NOT OVERWRITE the price or dates of an existing row; doing this will cause the system to retroactively change existing plan costs which could result in the refund of an entire year’s deductions. Be sure to add individual rows for each plan code—and save each time you add a row—to ensure changes are processed correctly.

Individual plan changes

We have restored access to the Add/Change Coverage button on Retiree Insurance Selections, so you can again add, change or cancel coverage for retirees directly in MyTRS. Now that this function is enabled, please do not send insurance changes to unless you need to delete all of a retiree’s coverage that was entered in error.

Adding new plans to employers

At this time, new plans still cannot be added to employer profiles, but this function will be enabled in a future build of MyTRS. We hope to have an update on the status of this function in a few weeks.

Employer Report issues

Both the GASB45 report and Monthly Insurance Deduction Report by Provider may occasionally exclude members when the reports are created. This error has been reported to our vendor, and we will notify you when this issue has been fixed.

Retiree Insurance Training Guides

The Retiree Insurance in MyTRS training books were mailed last week and is also available online.

Please follow the guide as you familiarize yourself with the new system and functions.


If you have any questions, please send them to