Dear School District Superintendents, Charter School and Education Collaborative Directors, Business Managers, Payroll Officers, Personnel Administrators and Town Treasurers,

As you know, your employees who are joining the MTRS for the first time, or who are already members and are changing districts, must complete their online enrollment process within 30 days of being hired with your district.

Although you and your colleagues have been diligent–and often creative–in your efforts to enforce this deadline, not all members who need to complete this important process have done so.

Accordingly, I am writing to let you know that, beginning in December, we are going to be reaching out directly to:

  • Your unenrolled members, if any–via e-mail, as possible–to advise them to complete their online enrollment and provide them with instructions on how to do so, and
  • You, to ask that you provide us with e-mail addresses for your unenrolled members, if any, for whom we do not have e-mail addresses. We will provide you with a list of these members; you do not need to take any action at this time.

Please continue to require that your new hires enroll online within 30 days, and check MyTRS to identify which, if any, of your employees have not yet completed the online enrollment process so that you can remind them to complete this mandatory process. To access a list of unenrolled members, in MyTRS, click on Deduction Reports and Payments, and then, in the Reports tab, select Members Pending Enrollment, as shown below.