Step 1: Ensure that your employees are eligible for MTRS membership

BEFORE you register your new hires in MyTRS, make sure that they are eligible for MTRS membership by reviewing our eligibility criteria.

Key reminders

  • Employees must meet all four regulatory eligibility requirements. (Exceptions: The few positions that are eligible by title are not subject to the licensure requirements. Charter school employees are subject to different eligibility rules.)
  • Licensure by the Board of Allied Health Professionals is accepted only for Occupational and Physical Therapists, not OTAs, PTAs or any other positions.
  • BCBAs licensed by the Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services are not eligible.
  • Part-time and temporary employees may be subject to a six-month wait period before contributing.
  • Union membership is not a criteria for membership.
  • ROTC staff are not MTRS-eligible because employers cannot require them to be DESE-certified.

Step 2: Register your new employees in MyTRS and e-mail the Enrollment Assignment Sheet to them

After you register your new hires, e-mail them the Enrollment Assignment Sheet. Employees are to complete the enrollment process within 30 days. Please be sure to print a copy of the Enrollment Assignment Sheet for your records.

Coach-only employees

  • If you employ coaches who are not teachers in your district, but who are MTRS members through another employer, you are required to take MTRS contributions from their pay.
  • When registering coach-only employees, use these values:
    • FTE%: 0
    • Full-time equivalent salary: 0
    • Pay duration: 01, 02 or 03
    • Pay frequency: 01, 02 or 03
    • Contract term: 01, 02, 03 or 06

Step 3: Check each new hire’s contribution rate in MyTRS

After registering your employees, check their contribution rates in MyTRS by going to View/Update Employee Information and clicking on the Employment tab. It is important that you do this to ensure that you set them up with the correct rate in your payroll system.

Caution: If a rate error is detected after an employee has been paid, do not change their MTRS deduction rate in your payroll system unless an MTRS representative has specifically asked you to make the change.


Questions? Contact your Employer Services Representative.