2019 annual statements were mailed on September 30 to the home addresses of our more than 109,000 active and inactive members.

For your reference, and in support of your continuing and valued efforts to have unenrolled members complete the MTRS online enrollment process, we are also taking this opportunity to reach out to this group and encourage their compliance. Instead of receiving mailed statements, unenrolled members will receive personalized letters instructing them to enroll online in MyTRS, from which they can then access their 2019 statements.

We are hopeful that this outreach will be effective, and that you and your colleagues will see fewer “Member not enrolled” exception messages in deduction reports.

If you or your employees who are MTRS members have any questions, please see FAQs: About your statement of annuity savings account.

Questions? Contact your Employer Services Representative directly, or email us at empsup@trb.state.ma.us.