Payroll deduction reporting updates

Deadline for 2018 reports: March 8, 2019

We have recently begun notifying the superintendents of districts that are severely delinquent in deduction reporting of their district’s status, and we will send additional notices to delinquent districts in the coming weeks. (A district is considered severely delinquent if its reports are backlogged for four months or more.) We are committed to communicating with delinquent districts on a regular basis in order to help everyone meet the March 8th deadline. This is a team effort so please don’t hesitate to notify us if we can be of any assistance.


  • Submit your payments and have your reports imported to MyTRS by the 10th of each month. Please verify that each month’s payment(s) and corresponding deduction report match before submitting your report for approval. If there is a known difference, please be sure to explain it in the report’s comments section. Even if you are working on a reporting backlog, always create and import your monthly deduction report in real time. This will help you avoid later having to correct records for employees who had updates between the reported period and when the file is generated. This process should take 10–15 minutes to complete.
  • When submitting reports with permitted exceptions, set the report’s Report Status Override field to “Yes,” then Save and close before submitting. MyTRS will prevent the submission of a report with errors or non-certified exceptions.
  • When setting up new employees, always check MyTRS first to verify their contribution rates. To access MTRS member number and contribution rates for all registered employees, click on View/Update Employee Information in MyTRS.
  • Be sure to instruct new staff to enroll in the MTRS within 30 days of hire using the member self-service module of MyTRS. Direct them to our Enroll in the MTRS page for FAQs and helpful videos.
  • Whenever a new contract is settled or signed, please send an electronic copy of the collective bargaining agreement (including amendments or addenda) to your assigned Employer Services Representative.
  • Keep your employees’ contract information up to date in your payroll software (especially for new employees) to ensure that their salaries, pay schedules and full-time percentages you are reporting on a monthly basis are accurate.