The MTRS has established reporting deadlines for 2021 and 2022. On April 6, 2023 we sent the following message to all the superintendents in Massachusetts, as a first notice. Please review the message below:

Time Sensitive Deduction Reporting Deadlines Established

Dear Superintendents and Directors,

As you know, the past few years have been difficult for all of us due to the pandemic, employee turnover, and the significant MyTRS performance issues many of you experienced in 2022 following our system upgrade. The majority of the system issues are now behind us, and it is critical that we work together to bring all deduction reports into compliance* by the following deadlines:

  • May 31, 2023: deadline for finalizing MTRS CY 2021 deduction reports
  • August 31, 2023: deadline for school year 2022 reports (through June 2022)
  • November 30, 2023: deadline for all CY 2022 reports (through December 2022)

*Please note: If your district’s reports are in “Pending” status awaiting an MTRS review, you are in compliance. However, if your reports are in “Pending” status and your report doesn’t equal your payment, or you have not responded to MTRS follow-up questions, you are not in compliance.

Please share the reporting deadlines listed above with your payroll staff and ask them to ensure compliance. If they need assistance, please tell them to contact your district’s Employer Services representative. We will also reach out to districts that are severely behind in order to resolve the outstanding issues that are holding up your reports.

For your information, here is the reporting status as of 3/31/23:

Period Districts fully posted Districts not posted
CY 2021 338 79
2022 through June 169 243
2022 through December 65 350

It’s critical that we finalize these remaining reports by the deadlines, or we

  • will not be able to issue the already-delayed Annual Statements for the 92,000 active members of the system,
  • may be unable to retire or refund educators from non-compliant districts,
  • will be unable to complete state and federal pension reporting requirements, and
  • will need to notify the state’s pension regulator (the Public Employee Retirement Administration), the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the State Auditor and the State Comptroller’s Office why our pension data reports have not been finalized.

This is a team effort, and we appreciate your partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact your employer’s assigned Employer Services representative, or Robert George, Director of Employer Services, at 617‑679‑6869 or if you have any questions.


Erika Glaster, Executive Director


Please contact your assigned Employer Services representative.