Please complete any employee address updates and import your October and November 2022 monthly deduction report files by the end of the day Wednesday, December 7.

Help us with members’ current addresses

We are finalizing our list of members that will receive their final, one-time opportunity to participate in RetirementPlus (R+) in January 2023 and need up-to-date contact information. As you may know, member address updates occur once your monthly deduction reports are imported into MyTRS, so please complete any necessary address updates in your payroll software before generating your October and November 2022 reports. These reports (preferably November 2022) must be imported and show a status of “Processed Successfully” by the end of the day Wednesday, December 7. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Please note: if you need to catch up with importing your files, it is essential to upload your most recent file (either October or, preferably, November 2022) first, and then go back to import any previous missing files.

RetirementPlus special election update

The MTRS contacted R+ election-eligible members with email addresses on file on October 31, 2022 and mailed letters to eligible members with no email addresses on file on November 10, 2022.

If these members have questions regarding the new law and its potential impact, please have them visit the MTRS website and the RetirementPlus (R+) Resource Center for details or email us at

Please keep an eye out for direct contact from the MTRS in the coming weeks requesting help in obtaining critical contact data for certain eligible members.


If you have any questions about importing deduction reports, please view our guide on how to import deduction reports or contact your Employer Services representative.