Dear School District Superintendents, Charter School and Education Collaborative Directors, Business Managers, Town Treasurers, Personnel Administrators and Payroll Officers,

As you know, due to the extraordinary influx of §3 service purchase applications as a result of the interest rate increase this past April, the MTRS allowed a six-month extension–to October 2, 2013–for individuals who filed only the member portion of their applications to submit the employer portion.

As October 2 approaches, many employer representatives are telling us that, despite their best efforts, they will not be able to complete all of the “Part 2” forms they have received by the deadline. In order to mitigate this situation, we will accept from you a list of the members whose §3 “Part 2” forms you are unable to complete by that deadline.

Accordingly, if, on or before October 2, you have any outstanding §3 service purchase “Part 2” applications from MTRS members who filed “Part 1” of their applications on or before April 2, 2013, and you are unable to complete and return “Part 2” to the members by October 2, please:

  1. Prepare a list of the members’ names and last four digits of their SSNs.
  2. On or before October 3, 2013, e-mail your list to David Brusie, MTRS Communications Specialist, at
  3. Provide the completed “Part 2” forms directly to your members as soon as possible, so that they may file them with us to complete their applications.