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As we begin the new year, it is critical that we work together to eliminate the backlogs in deduction reports. Please note the following deadlines:
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The MTRS has discovered that a recent patch to MyTRS has made the filter stop functioning properly on reports with approximately 900 records or more. The error causes the filter to stop responding after one or two uses. If you encounter the error in which the filter intially works but then stops responding when attempting to change the …

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Dear Superintendents and treasurers, The MTRS is conducting an audit of employer users and employer security administrators for our MyTRS pension management application. On November 17, we sent a verification form via email to every treasurer for inactive employers who use MyTRS and superintendents for active employers. Today, we will resend these forms to individuals who …

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A step in the new member registration process is currently not working; a workaround is provided

A recent patch to our MyTRS reporting platform has temporarily turned off the "Email Enrollment Assignment Sheet" function in our new member registration process. Employers can still register members for membership; however, the "Email Enrollment Assignment Sheet" link is not working. Instead, …

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